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Mobile Clinics

Rapidly scalable emergency response units

These treatment/exam rooms are customized to meet your medical needs. Surge Clinics come designed as General, OBGYN, X-ray, Dental, Dialysis or a Hybrid. They can stand-alone or be daisy-chained together, creating an autonomous water, power, and communications grid. Their mobility makes them the perfect solution for a medical surge event.


Clinical Facilities

Extraordinary medical capacity for rigorous locations

Clinical Facility in Progress

This Urgent Care Clinic has been strategically designed to set up in days’ and work hand in hand with the mobile clinics giving them a base of operation. Four procedure rooms and an operating suit, give you extraordinary medical capacity in the most austere locations.

This facility can come fully equipped, with supply chain support for re-supply and ongoing care. With telemedicine integration the clinicians can have direct access to any local hospital dramatically increasing the scope of services and care offered by the Urgent Care Clinic

Clinics anywhere, anytime

Elastic Grid™

Easily scale your entire grid by adding or removing daisy chained Clinics. This grid automatically detects and compensates for additions or subtraction of units, reducing the overhead associated with self-managed traditional infrastructure. With elasticity we refer to the ability for the grid to always provide the precise amount of resources that the water, power or communications asset actually requires, thereby avoiding over- or under-provisioning at all times. This keeps the grid stable, reliable and highly cost-effective.

Clinics on Wheels in the News

Clinics on Wheels

We are the equivalency of care the medical surge event industry deserve. An environment that gives professional healthcare providers the tools they need to reducing suffering accelerate care and save lives.

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